YG And Ty Dolla $ign Are Being Investigated For Assault In Australia

By HHL Editors

What is it with Australia?

Just a few weeks after Joey Bada$$ was arrested Down Under for slugging a security guard in the face, YG and Ty Dolla $ign are being investigated for roughing up a Melbourne club-goer in a dispute over the VIP section.

According to the alleged victim, YG, Ty and their entourages rolled into the VIP section of the Eve Nightclub Sunday night and tried to clear everybody out. When their accuser refused to leave he was "punched" and "kicked" by the emcees. Not long after the incident the club was shut down for the night.

YG and Ty's reps claim neither got violent with the man, and that he was tossed by club security. While police are still looking into the assault, judging from YG's Twitter activity the pair returned home from the island nation yesterday.

There are also reports that Australian riot police were called in to break up a brawl at a YG/Ty show the day after the alleged club incident.

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