YG Says He Didn't Cheat On Kehlani Despite Video

By Benny Franklin

Earlier today, we reported that YG was spotted kissing a female outside a nightclub, and it wasn't his girlfriend Kehlani

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TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @Tanyaxpayne ______________________ #TSRExclusive: Roommates, we broke the story that #YG and #Kehlani were officially an item, but looks like the tea doesn’t stop there! Just last night #YG got caught slippin’ after trying to get at a girl outside of Poppy Night club in Los Angeles. ______________ Looks like after a fun night with his crew, YG hopped in a fire red lambo but right before he took off, our video shows he’s talking to a girl who is crouching down for a cute lil’ chit chat. The convo must have been good cause a few seconds later YG lifts his doors to get up close & personal. ________________ After the exchange, the mystery girl’s friend was RET TO GO and wasn’t happy about their cupcake sesh. You can hear her telling her friend to “wrap this sh*t up.” The mystery girl wrapped it up (thanks to her friend) and both women went their way, YG also left with his squad. ________________ The timing is interesting given Kehlani JUST posted a photo of them together just a day ago. There’s no word if YG met the mystery woman that night or—read more by clicking the link in the bio! (📸: Backgrid)

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In the video, you can see YG talking to the lady in question outside of Poppy Night Club in LA, and it does look like he kisses her in his blood-red Lambo. 

Of course, YG isn't having it and says there is a valid reason why it looks that way. 

According to TMZ, YG says they are still a strong couple, and a few "witnesses" seemed to back up the LA rapper's claim he didn't do anything wrong. 

According to a witness, a woman got up in YG's face asking for a photo and did step up to his vehicle, but there was no kiss. 

YG wasn't partying with her and wasn't in the mood to take a photo but she persisted.  TMZ reports YG was pretty drunk and regrets putting himself in a situation that was misconstrued but completely denies there was any sucky face.

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