YG Getting Sued Big By Poet For Stealing His Words

By HHL Editors

Poet Henry Richard Russell is suing YG for using his words on the My Krazy Life singles 'Who Do You Love?' and 'Bicken Back Being Bool' and then not paying him.

Russell says he and YG became friends while the rapper was recording My Krazy Life, and he helped with some of the lyrics. YG wasn't able to pay him at the time, so they worked out an agreement regarding future revenue sharing.

However when Russell asked for his cut of the platinum single 'Who Do You Love' -- which uses his poem 'Bitch! Who Do You Love' -- he was rebuffed.

So he is suing YG, DJ Mustard, Universal Music Group and YG’s publishing company 400 Wayz for copyright infringement and fraud. He is seeking an unknown amount in damages. He also wants an injunction to prevent YG from profiting off of any of the material he wrote for him.

In 2014, DJ Mustard lashed out at YG for not paying him for beats. The frequent collaborators eventually patched things up, and blamed it on a label misunderstanding.

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