YFN Lucci Turns Down Plea Deal & Will Go To Trial


YFN Lucci will soon go to trial on murder and RICO charges in Fulton County, Georgia.

Last week, the plea deal prosecutors offered Lucci leaked.

It would be for 20 years. He would have to serve 17.

Lucci has rejected the deal and will take his chances with the jury.

The rapper's lawyer called the deal "absurd."

"The absurd 'plea offer' being reported is accurate," reads the statement. "However, a plea offer is not any indication of the likelihood of a plea and in fact, Mr. Bennett is still waiting—after two and a half years in custody—to be given a potential trial date."

He also had the chance to curry favor with the court by testifying against his opp Young Thug in the unrelated YSL RICO, but Lucci refused.

Do you think staying solid will end up working out for Lucci, who is facing up to life?

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