YFN Lucci Sued For Stealing "Everyday We Lit" from Rackboy Cam


A rapper by the name of Rackboy Cam accused YFN Lucci of stealing one of his songs, and now he's taking him to court.

TMZ reports that Rackboy believes that Lucci swiped his song "Everything Be Lit," released in 2015, to make his song "Everyday We Lit," which dropped in 2017. The video for Lucci's cut has over 126 million views on YouTube and Rackboy's has a little over 400,000.

The under-the-radar rapper said that Lucci stole his song by changing a couple of words in the title and using pretty much the same hook.  Rackboy points out that he referenced his chain, car, and girl in his track and Lucci did the same in his cut, but didn't talk about cars.

Now the rapper turned plaintiff wants a judge to stop all sales of Lucci's song and take it off the radio. He also wants to be given"Everday We Lit"s profits.

You can listen to both cuts below. Do you think Rackboy has a case?

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