YFN Lucci Named In Massive Indictment Against The Bloods


YFN Lucci is one of 12 alleged gang members named in a 105 count racketeering indictment filed against the Bloods in Georgia.

“This indictment is unprecedented. Period. In Georgia,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told Channel 2 Investigative reporter Mark Winne in an exclusive interview. “There’s been a huge spike in violent crime,” he continued. “I made a commitment to bring the best and the brightest minds here, many of which you see sitting here right now so that we could deal with this issue of this violent crime.”

Lucci's lawyer Drew Findling pushed back on the charges. 

"He’s not a gang member," Findling said of Lucci. "What he is is an internationally recognized musical artist that is a triple platinum winner, that has performed all over the United States and all over the world."

The RICO charges against Lucci are unrelated to the murder charge he's facing after his crew dumped a body out of a car Lucci was driving in Southwest Atlanta.

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