Yak Gotti's Mom Arrested & There's a Warrant Out For His Baby Mama


Yak Gotti is one of 14 YSLs still being charged in Georgia's sweeping RICO case against the gang/label.

Now his mom and baby momma are also in trouble.

51-year-old Latasha Kendrick was booked into the Fulton County Jail on one count of criminal attempt to commit a misdemeanor after deputies say she tried to smuggle tobacco and rolling papers into the Fulton County courtroom where her son is standing trial.

Kendrick had given Yak's lawyer a bag of clothing for Yak at the court and the tobacco products were in the bag.

Here's where things get weird.  The contraband was discovered when Yak's baby mama Nyesha Cox texted Yak's lawyer Douglas Weinstein and told him that there was tobacco with the clothing.

“Weinstein told the deputy he received a text from ‘D. Kendrick’s baby mother, ‘NAE,’ stating that she had a placed a sealed envelope inside of the bag,” according to the affidavit.

After arresting Kendrick, the deputies issued a warrant for Cox, who is still at large.

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