XXXTentacion's Mom Is Suing His Half-Sister For Murder Libel


A few months ago, XXXTentacion's half-sister Ariana Onfroy, who shares a father with X, told The British tabloid The Sun that she believes her brother's death was an inside job.

"I definitely believe it was an inside job, because of how calculated the whole thing was," she said. "Those killers knew he was going to be there. There's somebody in the inside that knew exactly where he was going to be at that exact time and when he was going to be leaving that exact time."

In other parts of the interview, Onfroy makes disparaging remarks about XXX's mom Cleo Bernard which hint at her involvement (and cover up) of her son's murder.

Now Bernard has filed a lawsuit against Ariana for defamation, libel, and slander.

“It is with such sadness and remorse that the tragic end of [Bernard’s] son’s life had to be muddied with the disgraceful and hatred [sic] words of his sister towards his own mother,” Bernard’s lawyers Aaron Behar wrote in the complaint. “Given [Onfroy’s] horrific and emotionally disturbing accusations made purely out of spite, Plaintiff cannot simply ignore the damage the comments have caused not only to her reputation, but also to her financial and business endeavors as well.”

Bernard is seeking $15,000.

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