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XXXtentacion Drops New Album With Cryptic Title

By Alox

At the very beginning of the week, on March 2nd, XXXtentacion revealed he will be dropping his new album, unconventionally titled "?".

A potential track listing was also revealed by one of the main producers and... well, it wasn't quite right. No more guessing, tonight. Here's the real one:

1. Introduction (Instructions)
2. Alone, Part 3
3. Moonlight
4. Sad!
5. The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)
6. Floor 555
7. Numb
8. Infinity (888) featuring Joey Bada$$
9. Going Down!
10. Pain = Bestfriend featuring Travis Barker
11. $$$ featuring Matt Ox
12. Love Yourself (Interlude)
13. Smash! featuring PnB Rock
14. I Don’t Even Speak Spanish LOL
15. Changes
16. Hope
17. Schizophrenia
18. Before I Close My Eyes

This is a follow-up to his debut, "17", album which won over many reluctant listeners and even got a Kendrick Lamar co-sign.

Love him or hate him, listen below:


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