XXL Explains Why Post Malone Wasn't Included In the 2016 Freshman Class

By HHL Editors

Yesterday was Freshman Class day, with all the spirited discussion that surrounds XXL's yearly feature.

One name that jumped out for not being on the list was Post Malone's.

Now Post may not be your thing.

But 'White Iverson' was an undeniable hit (and earworm).  And in the past year, the 20 year old has been able to accumulate enough clout to be on tracks with Kanye West and 50 Cent, and to be Justin Bieber's opening act.

When asked by the Breakfast Club why Malone wasn't included on this year's list, this is what XXL editor-in chief Vanessa Satten had to say.

"We were told by his camp that he wasn't playing attention to hip hop so much. He was going in more of a rock/pop/country direction."
So there you go. Post Malone, we hardly knew ya.

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