Wyclef Jean Compares Young Thug To Tupac

By HHL Editors

Young Thug has lots of love for Wyclef Jean.

Thugger named the first track of No My Name Is Jeffery after Wyclef, and also features the Fugee on the project's last track,

But it goes further than that. Upon meeting Jean, Thug told him he was his "greatest inspiration' and explained that he had named his daughter Haiti, in part because of Jean's home country.

Wyclef returned the love in an interview with Pigeons and Planes.

Sometimes you don’t realize who you are affecting. But he’s from a project, I’m from a similar background. And he has a natural love for Haiti, understanding the history of Haiti. Haiti is the first black republic. He reminded me of a modern Tupac, in a sense—in a revolutionary sense. I mean that by, alright, you might see a thug, but his connection to history seemed similar to what Pac understood, of like, “This is who the Black Panthers are. Read this book, read that book.” This kid understands. I sent him the Ghosts of Cité Soleil documentary. He must have seen it like 10, 15 times. He is like a sponge when it comes to history. He likes to absorb a lot of information, and actually wants to learn.
You buying the comp?

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