Wu Tang Reveals Fate Of 'Wu Tang Forever' Remix With Drake

By HHL Editors

'Wu Tang Forever' was featured on Drake's 2013 hit album Nothing Was The Same. While the song sampled the Klansman's track 'It's Yourz' it still sounded very much like a Drake song, which disappointed some fans of both Drizzy and the Staten Island collective.

Soon we began to hear rumors that Drake was going to remix the track with members of Wu. However, that never came to be. In an interview with MTV, Wu Tang explained that there had been plans to do the remix, and they had laid down some verses for Drake while they were on tour in France. But it just didn't work out in the end, and U-God told the music network why:

"I guess we kind of came too hard for him. He wanted us to talk about broads, and at that time we wasn't in no broad mode. We was hard body at the time when he sent us the track. Later on I was saying to myself ‘what the hell was I rhyming about, damn I was rhyming some hardcore shit and he wanted us to talk about some bitches' ... That’s the reason why it didn't transpire, U-God said, going on to add "The subject matter didn't really mesh."

Drake's has had all sorts of drama this week with a stripper scorned, who has since apologized for dragging his name through the mud.  So if U-God had come with those hard verses today, we think Drizzy might be able to make the subject matters mesh.

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