Wu Tang Affiliate Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson At Sean Price's Wake

By HHL Editors

Things got heated at Sean Price's wake in Brooklyn yesterday between Action Bronson and Wu Tang affiliate Popa Wu.

If you remember, last month Bronson criticized the current state of his voice twin Ghostface Killah's career. This enraged Ghost, who threatened to cut Action up like a pig. Bronson then apologized for his words, but Ghost refused to accept.

Popa Wu, the Staten Island collective's "mentor" (who can be heard giving his teachings on Wu tracks), is apparently also still feeling salty about Action's diss.

"This wat we do I'm 4 real Popawu u Fuk with my mine u get Chestties Wu 4ever," was how Popa captioned the photo of the confrontation with Action on IG. Popa Wu IG 1

There are reports that Popa and some of his people " swarmed around Action Bronson outside of the funeral home."

Appropriate wake behavior?

Update: Here's some video of the incident:

Update 2: Ghost distances himself from Popa Wu:

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