Wu-Tang Affiliate Who Chopped Off His Own Penis Is Now In Stand Up Comedy

By HHL Editors

It has been said laughter is the best medicine. And when you cut off your own penis, like the rapper Christ Bearer did in April, you definitely need something to help with your convalescence.

The member of the Wu-Tang affiliated duo Northstar has become a stand up comic, and much of his act  is based on the notorious incident in which he sliced off his own wang and then jumped out the window of a building in what was a failed suicide attempt.

"I woke up to paramedics trying to find a pulse," Bearer says in the clip. "I said, fuck the pulse. Help me find my dick!"

Bearer has said he decided to cuff off his penis after smoking some ganja and reading about monks and vasectomies.

The penis has been re-attached, and he has claimed it works well enough that he could do porn.

If he sticks to stand up, he's going to have to get more material. What's the next body part Christ Bearer should lop off for laughs?

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