Wonderlic Scores For 2018 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Leak


During the NFL combine, draft prospects are given the Wonderlic test, which is a group intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving.

While the scores aren't a big deal for most prospects, teams do use them as part of how they evaluate quarterbacks.

They are supposed to be kept secret, but the scores for the big QB prospect in this year's QB heavy draft have leaked. The scores are out of 50.

Here are some Wonderlic scores for notable QBs: 

Carson Wentz 40
Eli Manning 39
Matt Stafford 38
Colin Kaepernick 37
Aaron Rodgers 35
Tom Brady 33
Peyton Manning 28
Russell Wilson 28
Derek Carr 20

If you want to give the Wonderlic test a shot, you can do it here.

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