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Wiz Khalifa Talks Amber Rose On Rico Love's 'Somebody Else Remix'

By HHL Editors

For a while it looked like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were headed for a reconciliation with John Cena, of all people, playing couples counselor.

But now that Rose is getting with Machine Gun Kelly that's probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Wiz addressed his failed relationship with Rose in his verses on the new Rico Love track 'Somebody Else Remix', which also features Usher. Listen below.

Here are Wiz's lyrics:

Thought I had it All the magic, I couldn't imagine That it would all end tragic Automatically I’m the bad one I was only doing us Gave everything, a kid and house And a wedding ring And now you talk about you could do better things How did we get this way? How do you entertain that bullshit Why you even care what Instagram got to say Now when you see me, we don't act the same Smiling on TV, tryna hide the pain An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane That empty hole in my heart Will I ever love again? You had your way and you know it Ain't thinking forward, you still in the past Ain't gon' lie, I spent some time thinking if we could've lasted Screaming ‘Fuck the world,’ I know what’s behind those glasses Rollin' up another joint thinkin’'bout the last Being alone ain’t what you wanna be And me with a girl ain't what you wanna see Truthfully, it ain't you, it's me.


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