There Is A Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape But We Won't Be Seeing It

By HHL Editors

Earlier this month, Playboy model Carla Howe had sex with Wiz Khalifa as somebody's camera rolled. Howe then allegedly shopped the sex tape without Wiz's permission, and TMZ says Vivid Entertainment was offering six figures for it.

However, Wiz doesn't want the tape to go public and nixed the deal; his right as one of the video's stars. Perhaps this is a negotiating technique, but it's hard for us to believe that anybody would even pay six figures for a Wiz Khalifa/Carla Howe sex tape. Especially since you can see Howe naked in plenty of other places and nobody is clamoring to see Wiz do the dance with no pants.

Anyway, now Howe is making like she never wanted to sell the tape in the first place.

Carla twiter

So it looks like we will be spared a Wiz Khalifa sex tape. Which is a good thing, we prefer to see him in videos like this.

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