Will Surveillance Video Save Suge Knight?

By HHL Editors

It was initially reported that there were no CCTV eyes on Suge Knight when he ran over and killed Terry Carter. That's because the surveillance camera at Tam's Burgers in Compton -- where the incident took place -- wasn't working.

But it's 2015. What are the chances something goes down in a high population area and is missed by all lenses?

Not very good.  And now TMZ is reporting that police do have video of either a portion or of the whole hit and run, and they are busy analyzing it right now.

Through his lawyer, Knight has been insisting he didn't know he was running anybody over, and was fleeing the scene because he thought his life was in danger. However, witnesses told police that Knight appeared to be deliberately running over Carter and Cle "Bone" Sloan, who suffered non-life threatening injuries and may have been fighting with Knight right before Suge backed over him.

Now that this video has emerged, it could support Knight's story and give him yet another legal life. Or it could be the final straw for the 49-year old Death Row Records co-founder.

Update: Knight has just had his $2 million bail revoked, suggesting whatever was on the tape isn't good for his case.

Update 2: Now he is being charged with premeditated murder, and authorities say the tape "significantly strengthens" their case against Knight.

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