Will Smith Explains The Holdup On 'Bad Boys 3'

By HHL Editors

Bad Boys 3 is going to happen.

In fact, Martin Lawrence has said they are going to start shooting in March.

The other Bad Boy Will Smith was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. While he wouldn't confirm the March start date, he did say "It is very, very, very close."

Then he added a mustache he's been growing for another film role could be holding the Bad Boys 3 up.

"It's the mustache," he told Kimmel. "The studio was like, 'We can't do the 'stache.'"

Stache's aside, Smith is very excited about the movie.

Let me tell you, I love that dude," Smith said of Lawrence. "That was among the best times I've ever had making movies."
Are you excited too?

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