Weed Reporter Charlo Greene Defends Her Decision To Quit On Live TV


Charlo Greene"Fuck it, I quit." Those words, uttered at the end of a CBS affiliate KTVA in Alaska segment on marijuana legalization, have made Charlo Greene a viral video legend.

Right before taunting the FCC with her F-bomb, Greene had explained why she was leaving her on-air reporter job: As owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, she wanted to dedicate all of her efforts into legalizing herb in the state. (Plus, there was an implication she didn't have a choice in exiting the station.)

Two days after her shocking live TV announcement, Greene has released a video defending her decision to quit so dramatically. She also continued her argument that weed should be legal, and that no one should be imprisoned or suffer the consequences of having a criminal record because they hit a spliff. "Why differentiate my toke from your beer," she says in her anchorwoman voice."

According to Greene, The Alaska Cannabis Club is the only place residents of the coldest state can get medical marijuana. And, obviously, this has been terrific publicity for her business.

Greene has also launched an initiative to support Ballot Measure 2, which would completely legalize pot in Alaska, like it already has been in Colorado and Washington state. You can donate to that cause on the Alaska Cannabis Club's IndieGogo page.

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