Watch Mike Tyson Fight Mike Tyson In 'Mike Tyson's Punchout'

By HHL Editors

If you had Mike Tyson over for the evening what would you do?  We'd whip out our old NES and have the champ fight himself in the classic boxing game Mike Tyson's Punchout.

Jimmy Fallon was thinking along the same lines when he had Tyson on The Tonight Show as a guest. He gave the 48-year old a controller and had him wail away against his computer likeness.

It turns out Lil Mac is just as hapless against computer Tyson when the real Tyson controls him as when we did. "You're just making yourself mad," Fallon says at one point.

In the end Mike Tyson was the winner (of course) and we all dodged a bullet since there was an outside chance the world would have collapsed into some sort of event horizon the moment real Mike Tyson met pixalated Mike Tyson.

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