Watch Jim Jones Nearly Get Kicked off An Airplane; Says He Was Profiled

By Daryl Nelson

While on a Jet Blue flight, Jim Jones said he was racially profiled, and he had a verbal exchange with the captain of the airplane. 

 Jim was heading to Austin, Texas for the Dipset Forever Tour. Before the plane took off, he got into it with a flight attendant over pre-flight preparation.  Then he asked for a supervisor, and that's when the captain arrived.

"I've been profiled," and it's not a good thing to get profiled," Jim told him. 

But the captain denied that he was being profiled and he said the rapper wasn't following the rules.

"Yes we are being profiled, " Jim said in return. "What did I do wrong, captain? I did comply. I totally complied, and you can ask every customer that's sitting next to me. I'm on my way to a show. I take Jet Blue every other day, literally and I never had a problem with Jet Blue." 

"This is the only flight that I take," he added. "I'm going to Austin for a show for Diplomats. I'm sitting down, the lady asked me to take out the pamphlet, I took out the pamphlet. She asked would we comply if there was a problem if we landed in an emergency? Everybody said yes ... I did nothing wrong."

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The captain eventually offered Jones a seat switch and The Harlem rhymer made it to the Austin show okay. What do you think about the exchange between Capo and the captain?

Austin was lit #Dipsetforevertour

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Update: Here's what 50 Cent has to say:


You want to fight the captain fool why? you want to fly the fucking plane. 🤣LOL 🤨get the strap

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