Jacquees Says He Was Locked Up At the Airport For Singing [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Jacquees said he was detained by airport police for singing. The police say he flipped them off, called one the officers "just a white boy with a badge", and didn't follow instructions.

This all happened over the weekend at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport.  According to police, they arrived when Jacquees got into a loud argument with a man at baggage claim.

TMZ reports the deputy gave the singer and the other man a chance to go their separate ways.  But, according to the cops, Jacquees stayed around, kept the argument going, and cursed the officer out. He then fled to his car and got inside. The officers threatened to break his window if he didn't come out. 

When he finally did, Jacquees was brought to another area of the airport, where he was detained, cited and then released.

"I'm being locked up because the police said I flicked them off," he yelled while in handcuffs. "I did not touch the police one time. I was singing in the airport and police said I can't sing."

Jacquees keeps getting into trouble either at airports or on planes. Last year he was seen threatening to slap a fellow passenger

 Do you think he's telling the truth about being arrested for just singing? 

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