Watch Gucci Mane Watch Himself In 'Spring Breakers'

By HHL Editors

Gucci Mane has been watching a lot of TV since his release from prison.

During his latest spin around the dial he caught a little bit of the 2013 sex and violence flick Spring Breakers, which starred none other than Gucci Mane.

Watch Gucci watch Gucci:

In the film, Gucci plays Archie, rival drug dealer to James Franco's Alien character. (Who was roughly based on Riff Raff.)

"How they hell I ain't get no Oscar for this shit" Gucci yells during his narration.
Included in his viewing is the scene in which Archie has his toe sucked and has sex with multiple women.

Watching your own sex scene with your girl is even more awkward than watching someone else's sex scene with your parents.

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