Watch A Rap Hating Gang Boss Kneecap A Rival [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

gang-shootingThaddeus Jimenez has an interesting history. When he was a 14-year old he was convicted of murder. He served 16 years, but was freed and eventually won a $25 million judgement against the city of Chicago when new evidence proved he wasn't the trigger-man.

He used that cash to build up the Simon City Royals gang, giving out large recruitment bonus and buying members luxury cars.

Now Jimenez is back in jail for shooting an associate  in the legs. In a video that Jimenez recorded, you see him and another man driving around in a Mercedes convertible. As they drive, Jimenez explains that he listens to classical music rather than rap when he looks for somebody to shoot because he's not a "wannabe rappin’-ass nigga."

Then he pulls up on Earl Casteel and opens fire.

Casteel sued Jimenez and was awarded $6 million. Jimenez is now facing ten years for the shooting.

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