Watch A Guy Explain How He Took Famous Dex's Chain

By Daryl Nelson

On Tuesday, we shared a video from Famous Dex where he admitted that his chain was stolen after a show in Los Angeles. The guy who stole the necklace has since spoken out and detailed just how he did it.

"I caught your bitch ass coming off the stage, and I put you on the wall, made you sit there and took the chain under your collar and you ran from me  .... You ran in the elevator with 2 Chainz., but I gave them a pass 'cause they my folks. Shout out to 2 Chainz and all that ... He hit the hood when he comes to town. Not you. You didn't do that, so that's what happened to you."

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In a separate video, the man said he'd give Dex's chain back but only for a fee.

"Quit talking so much," he said. "Don't even let nobody know you know me. He gon' buy that shit back. I already talked to him already. That's my boy. Dexter my boy. We're talking business now. Welcome to L.A."

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Why do you think a rapper would want his chain back after it was stolen and worn all over the internet? 


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