Walt Frazier Blasts Lebron James' As A Teammate; Ice Cube Weighs In


The Lakers lost to the pathetic Knicks yesterday after Mario Hezonja, of all people, stuffed LeBron James at the buzzer.

But that wasn't even the biggest insult King James suffered Sunday at Madison Square Garden. Here's what Knicks color commentator and NBA legend in his own right Walt "Clyde" Frazier had to say about LeBron as a teammate.

"When you're the face of the NBA, I think you should be more a part of your team no matter what is going on," Frazier said on MSG's broadcast of Knicks-Lakers. "In the public, you've gotta be a part of the team. Maybe in the locker room, you're not. You have to exude that type of togetherness in public, and right now we see he doesn't really care.

Lakers fan Ice Cube disagreed with Frazier'assessmentnt.

"That's bullsh**" he said when TMZ's cameraman brought it up.

However, Cube didn't dismiss the rumor that the Lakers may end up trading Lebron.

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