Wale And Meek Mill Squash Beef

By Daryl Nelson

After having bad-blood between them for nearly two years, it looks like Wale and Meek Mill are cool with each other again.

In a tweet, the DMV rhymer said he spent time with Meek and his crew last night, and everyone had a good time. He also said their past differences have officially been put behind them.

If you recall, the MMG members had a very public falling out in October of 2015, after Wale went on The Breakfast Club and spoke about the battle between Meek and Drake.

"I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gunfight," said Wale, referring to the DreamChaser. "He ain't even bring a knife but a pencil. [He brought] a piece of paper [and] tried to paper-cut him to death."
Afterwards, Meek responded and accused Wale of being a miserable person who was desperate to promote his new album.

"Niggas be doing all this to drop a new record, gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life, because they miserable and nobody don't rock with them," he wrote. "Really, stay away from me, fam. You not MMG no more."
Soon after, Rick Ross said that he spoke to both rappers and squashed things.  But the beef still lingered.

As far the new reconciliation, Wale is the only one who posted anything about it, so we'll have to see if Meek believes their beef is over as well.

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