Waka Flocka's Mom Calls Out Bow Wow For Missing Appearance With Kids

By Daryl Nelson

Deb Antney, veteran music manager and Waka Flocka's mom, sent a stern message to Bow Wow after he allegedly missed an appearance involving children. According to Antney, the "retired" rapper promised to show up but then backed out because he said he needed a medical shot because he had to go to Canada, of all places. Waka's mom called it a total lie and blasted Bow on social media.

@shadmoss liar liar pants on fire.

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"This might be one of the pettiest things that I've done," she said. "I'm really pissed off.  Bow Wow, this is to you.  For all of those kids that you disappointed today, because you had to go get a shot to go into Canada? Sweetheart, get these stories correct, okay? I ain't never heard that nobody got to take a shot before they go to Canada. These lies, they're like your jets and everything else. You distinctly said that you would come and show your face to these kids, and you never showed up. You didn't even answer the phone. Then at the ending, you told stories. Then you had your sister tell a story ... But you just told me yesterday that you was going to show up. If you wasn't going to come, you should have told me. You can lie to me, you can lie to anyone else, but you don't lie to children ... So thanks for being a piece of shit."

Bow hasn't responded to Antney yet. 

How do you think he'll handle this? Will he come back at her and risk beef with Waka? You can see what Waka's mom had to say above and below.

@shadmoss wow now u wanna answer.

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