Waka Flocka Updates His Relationship With Gucci Mane [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Waka Flocka last spoke on his relationship with Gucci Mane in the diss track 'Was My Dawg.'

That was in February and things haven't improved since.

Last week, Waka sat down with Dr. Singh on Viceland's The Therapist.

During the segment, they went deep into Waka's relationship with Gucci, which developed into a brother-like friendship when Gucci started living with Waka's mother -- who was G-Wop's manager -- in 2006.

It all fell apart in 2013, and Waka told Dr. Singh that it's never coming back together.

“You give people so much opportunity to make it right. But then they still try to make it seem like you the villain. You the hater. It’s vice versa. But it’s like, damn, do I get in position to fight back and tell him? I’m gonna look like a sucker. So I'm like everybody believe what they want, man. I’m getting money and I’m happy,” Waka said to Sing. “Nah, [Gucci] don’t [want to face me]. And I don’t blame him cause I know he know what he up against. That man know what he did. Deeper than music, deeper than anything anybody can even imagine. When it’s like that, it’s personal. So I [thought] let me make me a record to show you that we’ll never be friends. If you cross the line, it’s gonna go to something different. I was more loyal to him than he was to himself,” Waka explains.
Check the whole segment below. In it, Waka addresses the death of his two younger brothers. The Gucci talk starts at around the eight-minute mark.


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