Waka Flocka Switches Up His Flow and Does Fetty Wap 'Trap Queen' Impression

By A. Mia Logan

Waka Flocka is not exactly known for eloquent lyricism or masterful use of basic language skills.  But hey, at least he's not Fetty Wap, right? That's what it seems the 1017 rapper was trying to imply yesterday when he did this spectacular rendition of the very popular 'Trap Queen' by Wap. Watch below as Flocka covers the song drunk-karaoke style:

Again, this is ironic, because it's not like popular rappers didn't take shots at Flocka when he first came out for pretty much the same thing he's coming at Fetty for here. Hypocritical or not, this video/diss is freaking hilarious, if only because this is probably the most realistic interpretation of regular people singing the 'Trap Queen' lyrics.