Waka Flocka Sends Shot That Seems Targeted At T.I.

By HHL Editors

Waka Flocka has a history of sending subliminal speeches to rappers he doesn't think are living right.

In his latest, he targets someone who fancies himself a philosopher, and who's all about Black Lives Matter, but who doesn't really help the community.

please cut the cap!!!

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“Words of the fucking day. Y’all niggas stop that philosophical shit. Start acting like you living like that god damn quote ’cause boy that ain’t you. Nigga knew you all your life and be like, ‘Damn. Bro talk like that? That niiga sound like Givenchy or somebody. I mean Da Vinci.’ Y’all niggas out here sounding like Machiavelli or something. Nostradamus ass nigga. All that philosophical bullshit. Nigga out here doing all fuck shit to the black community, posting Black Lives Matter. Cut it out – that philosophical shit gotta stop bro, cut it out. Please.”
So who is Waka speaking on?

The obvious name that comes to mind is his fellow Atlanta rapper T.I.

Tip is famous for using big words and flexing his "knowledge" -- and for supporting social issues.

A dark horse contender for Waka's scorn is Meek Mill, who's been on the BLM train for a while now.

What do you think?

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