Waka Flocka Promises To 'Pull Up' On Radio Host For Calling Him N Word

By Daryl Nelson

It's easy to be a tough guy on the radio since you have a microphone to hide behind.

Just ask the DJ Bob Romanik of St. Louis' KQQZ 1190 AM, who hurled racial slurs at Waka Flocka after the rapper wiped his ass with a Donald Trump shirt.

"Trump will probably do more for this black nigger than Obama's ever done for the proud black community," said Romanik on air.

He also called Waka a "greasy, black nigger son of a bitch."

The big talking radio host added Flockavelli would be "the deadest man walking" if he were to try something similar with a piece of clothing he was wearing.

Waka has clapped back:

"I'ma go up to his show," he promised. "I'ma find out how much he gon' kill me when I touch back in the States. I'ma show him what threats is like ... I'ma show you how to handle shit. I'm not gonna call the cops. I'ma go to his show, and see if I can get a personal interview. Let me see if he talk that rah-rah when I pull up."

Romanik has already responded to threat, saying he'd apologize to Waka if he removes the violent lyrics from his songs.

You can check out both Waka and the radio hosts interviews below.

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