Waka Flocka Is No Longer A Vegan; Compares Vegans to Cops


Waka Flocka went vegan a few years back and quickly became Hip Hop's leading promoter of a diet without animal products.

 Waka -- who first became a vegan to lose weight -- is no longer doing that.

In an interview with Paper Mag, the 31-year old said he his dropped his V-card but is still "conscious" of what he puts in his mouth. He explained why he's not a vegan anymore:

I think saying that I'm a vegan is like putting a title on me. I'm making myself sound like I'm better than somebody else. If I'm saying I'm vegan and you're not vegan, what does that make you? A sloppy motherfucker? It fucks with me. Just to seem like, "Yo, you shouldn't eat meat, that's not good!" Like who's to say you can't eat meat? Technically, a plant has just as much life as an animal does, they just don't have the common sense or mindset, but it's the same power of life, it feels everything that we feel. When I started reading that vegans can't eat honey, I was like, y'all going too far. Let me fall back.

He then explained that vegans are like cops:

"It's not enlightened, man. They scare people and shit, like people are really scared of vegans. They're like the fucking cops. When vegans are around, people be trying to throw their food under the table, like oh, the vegans! [laughing]

Are you scared of vegans?

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