Waka Flocka Flame Has 60,000 Applicants To Be His Personal Blunt Roller

By HHL Editors

If you've ever dreamed of being Waka Flocka's personal blunt roller, it's probably too late. That's because the ATLer claims he has already received 60,000 applications at his website for a personal assistant whose only job would be to prepare Big Homie Flock's weed in blunt form.

The applicants all sent a video resume of their best finger work. Flame's motivation for hiring his very own blunt roller is two fold.

"I'm terrible. I suck," he told TMZ of his rolling skills. "And then I really don't have the time."

The position will pay 50K a year. Waka added that the blunt roller will also be entitled to as much weed as he or she is able to smoke.

Last month Flame hired Seth Rogan for the position, but apparently the actor couldn't make it a full time arrangement.

If you could be the personal blunt roller for any rapper, who would it be?

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