Waka Flocka Clarifies That He Doesn't Lock Toddlers In Cages

By HHL Editors

Some Snapchat fan caused a whole bunch of Internet controversy after TMZ posted a video of Waka Flocka joking about bailing out a toddler who had been locked in a dog cage.

TMZ implied in their headline that Waka had put the crying little girl in the cage for the sake of comedy.

However ,Waka says that isn't the case. The toddler (his niece) locked herself in the cage, and he had a few seconds of fun with her before letting her out.

“Fucking dickheads, y'all think we locking kids in fuckin’ closets and dog cages? Nooooo. This is our niece," he said in a post to his new private IG page. "She locked herself in by accident … She was crying. Yes I let her out. The fuck we look like locking kids in cages? Get the fuck off my page, get outta the media. Get a fuckin’ life, stop worrying about our life. No we not locking kids in the goddamn closet. Goodbye. Have a nice day."

The perils of making jokes on social media...

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