Wack 100 Knocked Out Actor & Birdman is Getting Sued


Wack 100 is more than just Instagram fingers.

Ask Stitches or these two "white supremacists" about Wack's hands.

Actor Kenneth Lawson felt Wack's fist during an incident in Los Angeles sushi restaurant Yamashiro Hollywood in December 2019.

According to the In The Cut actor, he was dining with his wife Monique when Wack approached him and accused him of talking to Wack's wife.  When Monique tried to de-escalate the situation, Wack yelled out “Keep your bitch in check” and then punched Lawson in the mouth, knocking him out cold.

Wack then allegedly turned to Monique and was about to hit her when other diners intervened.

As a result of Wack's punch, Lawson says he says he suffered a four-inch cut to his lip and chin, multiple jaw fractures -- requiring his jaw to be wired shut for three months -- three dislodged teeth and one tooth knocked out.

Because of his injuries, Lawson says he lost out on a TV role. 

Because Wack was at the restaurant to promote his Cash Money artist Bre, Lawson is suing Cash Money and CM boss Birdman for his injuries and lost work.

No comment from Baby and something tells us he'll never show up in court for this.

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