Wack 100 Is Suing Meeka For Distributing Naked Photo Of Him [PHOTO]


Clubhouse personality Meeka recently caught Clubhouse personality Wack 100 going on Clubhouse naked.

So she snapped a photo.

Meeka has been showing her Clubhouse friends the nude photo of Wack 100 and everyone laughs.

Wack has had enough of this, and he will be suing Meeka for distributing the disturbing photo without his consent. [Jump to two minutes.]

"We got all the replays of you saying what you had.  My attorneys called me and said, and these their exact words 'You know it's a felony'.  [In the state of California you need consent on both sides to record something.]   You know I can't go that route.  I just want the pocket," Wack said, explaining he initiated a lawsuit against Meeka.  "I'm just going to hit your pockets.  You know who laugh now.  We'll see who laugh later."

Wack acknowledged that some folks think lawsuits aren't gangsta, but he doesn't care.

"I have a n*gga tell me, 'Oh Wack, you a gangsta, how you gonna file a civil?'  Just like I'm gonna file it.  Go over and tell El Chapo he's supposed to be a gangsta, how he supposed to tell the government his enemy's shipment is coming in."

Meeka has yet to say anything about the lawsuit.

Does Wack just need money now that Game's album flopped?

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