Wack 100 And Gonzoe Threaten Each Other On Instagram

By Daryl Nelson

The rapper Gonzoe said he's tired of Wack 100 trying to act like he runs Los Angeles, and he called him out on Instagram.

"A nigga go from riding around looking for Treach, saying Piru in every fucking sentence, to making memes and shit being a comedian. I get it," said Gonzoe, who's an L.A. native. "Check this out: You don't run L.A., nigga ... You just a loud mouth, groupie ass nigga that hung around some niggas that couldn't check it. You's a faggot. I don't have niggas hanging around me like that, 'cause I ain't scared of nothing. I don't need  no fucking bodyguard ... I carry a pistol, and I've been carrying a pistol since 14."

#gonzoe calls out #wack100

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Wack quickly responded and said he planned to smack Gonzoe when he saw him.

"Shut up, nigga," he said. "I'm from the Valley, nigga. Don't no one nigga run L.A. Don't no one nigga run Cali ... Lil' boy, you know who the fuck I am. [You're] a little kid  ... You're just a military brat ... I'm gonna slap the shit out of you ... When I see you, I'm going to open palm smack the shit out of you, and after that you can do whatever you wanna do."

#wack100 responds to #gonzoe

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Do you think these two will eventually meet up and fight, or will Wack squash this beef like he did with Treach?

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