Vince Staples Says He's More Famous For His Interviews Than Music

By Daryl Nelson

Besides being a pretty solid rapper, Vince Staples is also known for his funny interviews, in which he displays a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He likes to be a contrarian and seems to take the opposite side of an issue just to ruffle feathers and get a response. 

In a new interview on Pitchfork's In Sight Out podcast, Staples said he's actually more famous for the things he says outside of the recording booth.

"Are you more famous because of Sprite [advertisements] or because of rapping," asked host Matthew Schnipper?

"Without question," said Vince. "Interviews. I'm more famous for interviews than either one. And then the [angry Christian] lady."

Would you agree with Vince? Do you think about his interviews more than you do his music? You can listen to his full interview below.


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