Vince Staples Responds To Lord Jamar's Threat To Punch Him In The Face

By HHL Editors

Earlier this year, Vince Staples and Lord Jamar went back and forth on Twitter about whether 90s Hip Hop gets too much credit.

Lord Jamar obviously didn't much care for the condescending way Staples addressed him during their social media debate, because the 47-year old lashed out at the 23-year old during a live taping of Vlad TV.

"If the bum ass nigga was right here, he wouldn't be talking all slick out of his mouth like that because I'd be quick to punch a nigga like that in his fucking face." Jamar said of Staples, "But, I let it go...I see he's the type that try to get a rise out of you."
Staples, who does seem to be that type, had some fun with Jamar's threats on Twitter.

Staples vs. Jamar, who you got?

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