Vince Staples And Lord Jamar Are Going At It Over 90s Hip Hop

By HHL Editors

Vince Staples caused a stir back in October when he said in an interview that 90s Hip Hop gets too much credit.

Lord Jamar apparently didn't read about those comments back then, but he had a response earlier this week when he was asked by Vlad TV about a particular aspect of Staples' critique: That 90s Hip Hop lacked a Kanye-like figure.

"Trying to put a critique and a standard on Hip Hop that is more Euro-based than it is Afro-based." Jamar explained to his good buddy Vlad. "All these idiots are the first ones to always talk about how much they sold, and all of this dumb shit, as if all of that matters when it comes to the quality of Hip-Hop."
Once Jamar's words got out, Twitter user Music Fury hit Staples with them. Then this happened.

Jamar is going to need to address that. But it's gotta be tough when a 47-year old has to battle a 22-year old on such a 21st Century medium.

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