Vince Staples Goes Nuts On Freestyle [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Vince Staples has been all over the news lately because the lyrics of his track 'Norf, Norf' reduced a Christian mother to a crying stupor.

In the midst of all of that, Staples showed his skills off the dome on this Hot 97 Freestyle with Funk Flex.

As he spits over Raekwon's 'Ice Cream,' Staples drops some provocative bars about the Black Lives Matter Movement.

"If my black lives matter motherfucker stop killing/If my black lives matter motherfucker stop snitching/If my black lives matter motherfucker start business in your hood/Instead of letting fucking Starbucks in it/If my black lives matter then respect our women/If my black lives matter don't neglect our children/If my black lives matter, if the police take my shit/With a pistol, don't march, go kill 'em."
What do you think of Vince's words and flow?

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