Vince Staples' Debut EP 'Hell Can Wait' Is Here And Ready To Stream For Free

By HHL Editors

In Hip Hop these days, you can be quite well known before you release your first studio album. Vince Staples's "official" debut, Hell Can Wait, which is technically a EP, dropped today. And Spotify is streaming the Def Jam release for free.

You've already heard Staples on the albums of various Odd Future members, and maybe as part of the trio Cutthroat Boyz. The 21-year old from Long Beach has also been on a couple of well-received mixtapes.

According to LA Weekly, Staples brings "reality back to gangsta rap" in his studio debut. Listen and tell us what you think.

We're not sure how long the free stream will last, since the album is also on sale at iTunes. So enjoy it while you can. If you like it, we are sure Staples that would appreciate you paying for it.

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