Vince Staples Clowns Heckler Who Doesn't Like Gucci Mane

By HHL Editors

While this happened about a week ago, it's appropriate to post on 10/17.

It's unclear what had a heckler at a Vince Staples show in Atlanta hating on Gucci Mane, but when he did it led to a humorous discussion with Staples.

"Why you don't like Gucci Mane? What he do to you?" Vince asked the heckler.

"I like Kanye," the heckler responded.

Vince then explained Kanye was a Gucci fan. When the fan doubted this, Staples asked him to bet his car vs. $10,000. The heckler declined, and learned a valuable lesson about shading Gucci in the ATL.


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