Video Shows Suge Knight Threatening Female Photographer

By HHL Editors

The dangerous duo of Suge Knight and Katt Williams face many years in prison after being charged with taking the camera from a female photographer.

TMZ has obtained footage of Knight confronting the paps. While it doesn't show him taking anything or getting physical  it does show he was not in a good mood.

Knight calls the paps a bitch and threatens to have another "bitch" come and beat her up.  What has angered Knight is he believes the photographer is taking photos of his young son who is with him. In the short clip, the photographer claims she isn't taking photos.

Katt Williams does not feature in the video, but other paps do. This suggests this may not be the only video of what happened and there could be a clearer picture of exactly what went down if this does end up going to trial.

On a lighter note, Saturday Night Live had some fun with incident on their Weekend Update segment.

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