There Is A Video Of Jeremih And His Crew Beer Brawling At Fuddruckers

By HHL Editors

On Friday, there were reports that Jeremih and his crew caused $700 of damage to a Montana Fuddruckers. According to the restaurant's manager, the R&B star and his entourage began throwing bottles and commandeered the restaurant's microphone after being ask to move away from a female cashier who they had made uncomfortable by hitting on.

Jeremih claimed that the manager had got racist with them, and that's what sparked the outburst. TMZ has now obtained a video of the incident.

Unfortunately there is no sound, so we can't determine what was said before the bottles began to fly. What do you think? Was it racism that set Jeremih and his crew off, or were they just acting like entitled jackasses? (Of course it could be a little bit of both.) So far no charges have been filled, but police are investigating.

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