Vic Mensa Blasts Hip Hop's Fascination With Pills; Calls Out Future


Vic Mensa is the latest rapper to speak out against all of the drug talk that’s going on in Hip Hop right now.

In an interview with Billboard, the Chicago spitter said although he used to rap about taking Xanax he’s stopped, and he’s frustrated that drugs are being used to sell music.

"To be honest, it’s like, on one hand I almost don’t even feel that I have a right to chastise anybody because I’ve fucking done it. I’ve rapped about Xanax,” said Mensa. “I regret it. I don’t rap about it anymore, but I have some lines about taking Xanax. I just think that we’re in such a dangerous place now because it’s been normalized and the drug abuse has been reduced to like a marketing tactic. You got Future talking about 'I just rap about drugs because I know that’s what sells, that’s what people want to hear.' While people are overdosing left and right."

Mensa also pointed to the growing number of kids dying and becoming addicted to prescription drugs, and he continued to blame some of rap’s superstars.

"It’s really representative of the state of the nation, but it’s also horribly irresponsible because you got kids that idolize these people and will do anything they do,” he said. “They’re being misled by their fucking heroes and getting addicted to Xans or Percocets and dying from them. So, it’s pretty fucked."

Should rappers be careful about popping pills in their lyrics or should they be allowed to rap about whatever they want regardless of who it affects?

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