Vanessa Bryant Furious At Nike For Leaked Kobe & Gianna Mambacita Shoe


Vanessa Bryant designed a shoe with Nike to honor her late husband Kobe and daughter Gianna.

However, after Vanessa's break with Nike she thought the kick,  which features a black and white colorway, Gianna's #2, and marks like a butterfly, wings, and a halo, would be deaded.

Instead, the Kobe 6 Protro Mambacita leaked, and Vanessa is furious, arguing Nike had no right to begin distributing the shoe because it hadn't been approved for sale.

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The guy who posted the kick on IG a few weeks ago made it clear that it was Nike who leaked the shoes.

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"I just want to make it clear that I don't own a pair of those Mambacita Kobes," the IG user said in a statement Thursday morning.

"The pictures I posted are official product pictures from a Nike authorized retailer. Unfortunately for [Vanessa Bryant], Nike clearly sent pairs to this retailer (as well as others) with the intent of selling pairs."

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