Vallejo Rapper Willie Bo Was Shot 55 Times In 3.5 Seconds By Police

By Benny Franklin

Willie Bo a.k.a. Willie McCoy was 20 years old when he was shot 55 times by Vallejo police officers.

Back in February 2019, Willie was shot and killed outside local Taco Bell, all while sitting in his own vehicle.

The police were called by Taco Bell employees to check on a man sleeping in his car at their drive-thru.

According to police, Willie was asleep in his car and had a handgun on his lap. He awoke and didn't follow commands, causing six officers to fire 55 times in under 4 seconds, killing Willie. 

In a recent update, a retired peace officer with experience in training police officers in the use of force said the Vallejo police officers' fatal shooting was reasonable and in line with modern training and police practices.

In Willie's defense, his civil rights attorney disagrees with this, stating that the police "failed to establish a plan of action to safely remove McCoy from the car and violated longstanding officer safety principles." 

The case is ongoing. 

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